Our Story

Hannah Grant and Dr. Stacy Sims quickly agreed on three things after meeting at the Tour de France in 2013.

That there weren’t a lot of women working in pro cycling. That even the greatest riders in the world had ridiculously outdated views on race nutrition (er, pasta with ketchup, please). 

And, that figuring out performance solutions for a grueling sport that involves spirit-sapping days on two wheels could also provide answers to conundrums found in more conventional forms of travel … like jetlag.

At that time Hannah, one of Denmark’s finest chefs, was revolutionizing how elite cyclists refuel, bringing her Michelin-star restaurant experience to the Tour. She championed balanced nutrition, intricately adapted to the specifics of each stage and the physiology of every racer. That approach spawned two cookbooks – and the Amazon Prime docuseries “Eat. Race. Win.”

Stacy, a pioneering author on how nutrition affects male and female athletes differently and an acclaimed TED talk expert, was working dual roles at USA Cycling and Stanford University, implementing her groundbreaking research on hydration. Her goal: bust through the misconceptions put forward by the sugar-laced sports drink market, dominated by one product. 

A fast friendship formed, followed almost immediately by a mutual commitment to found a company led by science and the best ingredients – not corporate compromises.

Hannah and Stacy were already fueling the world’s best endurance athletes with high performance products. Now, they are bringing them to you.

ERW and ERW Active is the result, after thousands of hours of research, a range with a targeted focus on immediate performance and recovery, plus an overall boost to the immune system to cope with the rigors of modern life.

We’re a hype-free zone, because our superstars are the body-boosting minerals and nutrients in every packet. Give us the choice and we’ll pick scientific data over big budget commercials featuring sweating athletes with glorious bodies. 

Appropriately for a company that grew out of wanting to fix air travel’s biggest headache, ERW has an international flavor. Hannah is based in the chic city of Copenhagen, where her culinary journey began at NOMA, then the world’s top-rated restaurant. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Stacy lectures, writes and manages her young family from Lord of the Rings country, Mount Maunganui in New Zealand.

It makes board meetings an exercise in time-zone gymnastics but at least we can always agree on one thing. 

The others can keep all their fancy ads and all that sugar. We like being a bit different. 

We think science is pretty cool, too, especially when it is helping you reach your peak: on the road, in the gym, coming off a long flight or preparing to deliver a dynamic presentation.

That’s why Stacy gets fired up about microbiomes in the gut, adaptogens and the parasympathetic system, and Hannah feels just as strongly that ultimate performance and outstanding taste should not be mutually exclusive.

“Stacy tells me what nutritional specifics we must have,” Hannah says. “And Hannah makes it taste good,” adds Stacy.

We could talk about our products all day, but ultimately, we know actions speak louder than words and that results scream loudest of all. Which is why we’ll leave you with this simple promise that everyone at ERW lives by.

No compromises. No cheap additives. And no excuses. Just the best tools … for the race of life.